Through research and development, the ‘‘Vortex Bottom Distributor’’ was developed to provide a more efficient type of water distribution system allowing much lower backwash flow rates with much higher cleansing capabilities. The unique design enables the distributor to fit perfectly within any standard pressure vessel ranging from 7 up to 70 inches – this initial introduction will handle up to 20 inch pressure vessels.

When used, the ‘‘Vortex Bottom Distributor’’ can save up to 50% wastewater in any application, reduce the amount of salts needed to efficiently regenerate and also increases the ion exchange capacity through better water distribution. With heavy medias, the ‘‘Vortex Bottom Distributor’’ can save up to 40% in wastewater resulting in zero channeling or solidifying of the bed which in turn significantly increases the life of the bed. Another feature of the ‘‘Vortex Lower Distributor’’ is that it is totally reusable. Just pull the distributor out of the used tank, clean it, and put it back in any tank old or new along with the bed. Over the past five years, the ‘‘Vortex Bottom Distributor’’ has been used in virtually every type of water parameter from city to well. In a nutshell less wasted water with less salts or chemical usage along with significant longer life of media.


New distributor VS Old Distributor

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